Uforic Productions
- live sound reinforcement / audio & video recording -

Reduce the hassle and stress of your gigs!

Let us take care of the transportation, setup, and
teardown of the power, PA and monitor systems.

An experienced audio engineer will be at the helm your entire show,
ensuring consistently good sound for both the audience and the band.

Rest easy knowing you have someone there who has lots of
extra power strips, cords and cables, and who can help out
with things like troubleshooting equipment.

We can also record your performance on digital video
as well as capture a quality two-track audio recording.

Contact us before you play your next gig!

monitors 2 PA 1 PA 2 monitors 1

live sound equipment
AKG C1000S - condenser microphones (2)
AKG/Audix/Sennheiser/Shure - dynamic microphones (13)
Carvin CX1272 - 12 channel stereo mixer
Mackie 1400i - stereo power amp
QSC MX1500 - stereo power amp
Carvin - 15" 2-way PA speakers w/stands (2)
Yamaha SM15IV - 15" 2-way floor monitor
Yamaha SM12IV - 12" 2-way floor monitors (3)
On Stage MS7701B - tripod boom mic stands (8)
On Stage MS7701B - tripod boom mic stands (8)
Laptop for 2-track mobile recording
Digital video camera w/tripod

client testimonials

Sound Youth AmeriCorps 1 Sound Youth AmeriCorps 2
Seattle Public Library