Uforia Station
- recording studio -

Record your next project in a relaxed and friendly environment,
where your music will get the detailed attention it deserves.

We can provide everything from quick demos to fully produced,
meticulously edited and mixed albums, depending on your needs.

We can even help design the cover and packaging for your CD.

We are members of the Disc Makers Studio Partner program,
enabling us to offer you discounts on mastering and replication.

Contact us out before you start your next recording project!

guitars 1 guitars 3 guitars 2

keys 1 keys 2 congas

control room med 1 control room med 2 control room med 3

drums 1 drums 2 drums 3

audio equipment
Spirit Digital 328 - 34 channel fully automated digital mixer
Frontier Dakota - 34 channel digital audio I/O card
Lexicon - stereo dynamics processors
Lexicon - stereo effects processors
Rode NTK - tube condenser microphone
AKG C1000S - condenser microphones (2)
AKG/Audix/Sennheiser/Shure - dynamic microphones (13)
Event 20/20bas - bi-amplified powered reference monitors
Rolls RA62 - 6 channel headphone amplifier
Sony MDR-V900 - reference headphones (4)
Sony MDR-7506 - headphones
Horizon - 100' 20 channel snake
Yamaha MT120 - 4-track cassette recorder
Technics SL-BD27 - turntable
Technics SA-120 - stereo pre-amp/receiver
Technics SH-8055 - 12-band graphic equalizer/real time analyzer
Pioneer CT-980W - dual cassette deck

keyboard/MIDI equipment
Frontier Sierra - 128 channel PC MIDI interface
Kurzweil K2600 - 88-note fully weighted keyboard
Alesis Ion - analog modeling synthesizer
Roland JP-8000 - analog modeling synthesizer
Alesis QS8 - 88-note fully weighted keyboard
Alesis EuroDance/Vintage Keys/Vintage Synths - QCards
Casio CTK-630 - 61-note keyboard
Alesis SR-16 - drum machine
Alesis DM5 - drum module/triggers
Digitech Studio Vocalist EX - voice processor

guitar/bass equipment
Marshall Triple Super Lead 100 - 2x12 combo amp
Digitech GNX2 - amp/cabinet/stompbox modeling effects processor
American Fender Stratocaster - electric guitar
Mexican Fender Stratocaster - electric guitar
Peavey Predator - electric guitar
Ovation Celebrity Deluxe - steel string acoustic guitar
Martin Sigma - nylon string acoustic guitar
Peavey Fury - bass
Morley/Boss/DOD - effects pedals
Heet Plus E-Bow - sustain effect

computer hardware
ASUS A7V133 - motherboard
AMD Athlon 1.5 GHz - CPU
WD 120 GB - OS hard drive
WD 120 GB - audio hard drive
SONY DRU-540A - DVD R/W drive
Memorex 52MAXX - CD R/W drive
NVIDIA GeForce FX - display adapter
ViewSonic RE2058 - 21" monitor
HP PSC 1300 - printer/scanner
1.5Mb DSL - internet service

Windows XP Professional - operating system
Sonar - unlimited track audio and MIDI sequencer
Sound Forge - 2-track audio editor
GigaStudio - sampler
DirectX - plug-ins/effects
Band-in-a-Box - auto-accompaniment
DXi - synthesizers/samplers/effects/drum machines
ACID/AKAI/GIGA/SF2/WAV - loops/samples/sound fonts
Illustrator - CD packaging design
Photoshop - graphics editor
Nero - DVD/CD burning

techno babble
It may look modest, but thanks to the marvels of digital technology, there is incredible power and flexibility lurking under the hood of this system! You can simultaneously record up to 18 tracks, direct to hard disk.

The Spirit Digital 328 board is incredible - every single parameter that you can tweak can be fully automated via MIDI. You can record all of your fader and knob movements into Sonar when mixing, and it repeats them during playback.

This opens the door for all kinds of fun, like creating mix moves that wouldn't otherwise be humanly possible. It also means that you can quickly go from one project to next, in only the time it takes to recall a snapshot.

Is everything perfect in that mix from four months ago, except the vocals are a bit too quiet in one spot? No problem! Since the automation data is recorded, you can come back to a project even years later and it will playback exactly the same way. Then you can edit or retake any of the tracks or automation data, until it is exactly what you want.

The board also has 2 Lexicon stereo effects processors and 2 Lexicon dynamics processors built right in - so everything from reverb to compression can be automated too.

The onboard signal routing possibilities are endless, without the need for any patchbays. To top it off, it provides 32 channels of digital "lightpipe" I/O, and 2 channels of S/PDIF, which all goes directly to the Frontier Dakota card, providing a nice solid interface to the computer.

studio history
After years of acquiring and upgrading equipment, we finally completed our recording studio and opened our doors to the public in July 2003.

So far, we have done recording projects for two a.m., Matt Hargett of the Blue James Band, Elephant, 56 Font, and of course the latest releases from UltraViolet Uforia :-)