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GNW Harley Owners Group Tumbleweed Run 9
Saturday 7/23 (7PM)

Winthrop, WA


Last show of the summer!

Seattle Peace Concert

Sunday 7/31 (2-4PM)
(bands from 12-6PM)

Volunteer Park - Ampitheater
1247 15th Ave E
Seattle, WA 98112

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please bring food donations for Northwest Harvest

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Saturday 7/25 (1PM)

North Cove Stage
Lake Stevens, WA 98258

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The Seattle Peace Concert album is now available on CD Baby and iTunes!

The Seattle Peace Concert album is now available! This is our first live release, capturing the raw energy and exciting improvisation featured in our live shows! This also marks the first album featuring the fabulous drumming of Scott Jantzen and the fiery lead guitar of Bruce Johnston. Just go to the music & merch page to order.

After a long slumber the uVu beast has arisen again! We reunited with our former bass player Steven Holmes and headlined a Seattle Peace Concert yesterday. We sure enjoyed the event and it appeared that the crowds did too :) Many thanks to Don Glenn who has been producing this summer concert series for 30 years now! And thanks as always to our friends and supporters who make it worth all the effort!

We just posted live audio & video from Aquafest 2009!

We had a blast playing at Aquafest 2009 yesterday! The weather was beautiful, and the whole festival was a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone that came out and helped support the bands!

We just posted live audio & video from the birthday party we played last week.

We played a birthday party yesterday where we included the Rolling Stones song "Midnight Rambler" on our set list for the first time.

We just posted live audio & video from the Barney Jubilee!

We were honored to play at the Barney Jubilee yesterday - a gathering in memory of our recently departed friend Dan Perrins. It was great to be able to spend time once again with his family and friends. Dan touched the hearts of everyone in his life, and he will live on in our hearts forever! We played the original "In The Air" for the first time since 2004. "He's Gone" and "One Way Out" made their first appearances on our setlist.

We had great time playing at the Seattle Peace Concert yesterday - our first show featuring Ron "Lefty" Fargo on bass! Thanks to Don Glenn for inviting us, and thanks to the other bands and all of you that came to enjoy the day and support a good cause. "No Quarter" and the original song "Saving The Light" made their debuts on our setlist.

We received the devastating news today that our dear friend Dan Perrins (aka Barney Walstib, Deadhead Dan, Grateful Dan) passed away in his sleep early this morning. This was so sudden and completely unexpected, it's been very hard to accept.

Dan was one of the most selfless, loving, caring people on the planet. We only had the pleasure of knowing him a couple of years, but he's one of those people you feel like you've known your whole life. He was so accepting of everybody and was so thoughtful, always putting others before himself. He had an abundance of positive energy, and touched so many people's lives through his good vibes and his love of great music.

We had the honor of playing at Dan & Deb's wedding celebration last April, and it was and always will be a major highlight of our band's memories. It was such a blessing to be a part of that joyous occasion in their lives. We felt so much warmth and love from everyone in attendance. Our hearts go out to Deborah, and to all of her and Dan's friends and family members. He may be gone, but he will *never* be forgotten.

Fare you well, fare you well, we love you more than words can tell...

     Deb & Dan     

This month the band welcomes aboard Ron "Lefty" Fargo as the new full-time bassist and Bruce Johnston on lead guitar!

We just posted live audio & video from the Seattle Peace Concert!

Thanks to everyone who came to the Seattle Peace Concert today! It was originally going to be at Woodland Park, but due to weather it was relocated to the Blue Moon Tavern. We have already posted some pictures - audio and video will be coming soon.
Thanks to Don Glenn for producing this concert series for 28 years now!

We just posted live audio & video from the last show at Bert's Tavern.

We just posted all of the live audio & video from Dan & Deb's Wedding Celebration!

Thanks to everybody that came to see us play at Bert's Tavern Last night!
Midnight Rider made its first appearance in our setlist.

Last night has got to be the most enjoyable show in our career so far! We had the honor and privilege of being a part of Dan & Deb's wedding celebration, playing for them and all of their wonderful friends. People volunteered a lot of time and energy to create a great party environment. The hall was decked out floor to ceiling with dazzling tie-dye and decorations, including special lighting, a great slide show that ran continuously, and even a big mirror ball!

The festivities started @ 4:20 with everybody holding hands standing in a giant circle while a blessing was performed by Ray Mullen, Drum Bearer of the Snoqualmie Tribe, which established a wonderful spiritual connection between all of us! A huge load of thanks to everyone who attended this very special event, and extra thanks go out to Dan & Deb, Rusty, Sam, Skot, The Commander Of The Universe, and all the diehards that stayed and danced until the very end! :)

We were also happy to have debuted a big crop of tunes: Guava Jelly, The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion), Man Smart Woman Smarter, When I Paint My Masterpiece, Don't Ease Me In, Lady With A Fan (-> Terrapin Station), Playing In The Band, Hell In A Bucket, Viola Lee Blues, and Standing On The Moon. We captured most of it on video, and Sam was capturing high quality audio, so we'll be editing those together and posting new stuff to our live audio & video area soon! (And happy 4-20! ;)

Check out pictures and live audio & video we just posted from our last show!

We had a blast playing at Waldos last weekend! Frank Farmer did a terrific job on sound and lights. A big thanks to everyone that came to see us! It was great seeing folks from other local bands like 56 Font and About Face. We really appreciate everyone's support. We especially enjoyed the super enthusiastic crowd on Saturday! :-) We captured the Saturday show on video and Frank gave us an audio feed from the mixing board, so watch for some great new content coming soon to the live audio & video area! We played The Blood and Aeroplane for the first time in several years. From The Beginning, Help!, and an new original called No More Taxes all made their debuts on our set list.

We were deeply saddened to learn today that our former lead guitarist Richard Schneider passed away on Monday. He was a great energy in the band and a bright light in our lives for the all-too-brief time we knew him. We first met in September '04 when he came to try out as a bassist. We liked his bass playing, but later on in the audition he switched over to guitar and there was an instant chemistry between all of us. We loved his playing so much that we became a 5-piece, bringing him on board as our lead guitarist :-) We are grateful that during his time with us we recorded two albums, the 2005 Promotional Sampler and Shadow Of The Sun, forever capturing much of his musical grace and skill.

We also played a lot of live shows together throughout 2005, which were some of the most fun we've ever played, and thankfully most were recorded on video. We wish he had been with us so much longer, but alas in late '05 he inherited land in Missouri and decided to move there to retire. We certainly thought we'd see him again someday, or at least collaborate on some musical projects online. It is hard to accept the fact that we will never get to hang out with him again, or hear his voice or his infectious laugh, or have fun and intense discussions about philosophy and politics, or make beautiful music together.

We were so blessed to have crossed paths with him. We each had positive impacts on each others lives in so many ways, it's hard to fully express in words. He will be deeply missed and we offer our condolences to all of his friends and surviving family members.


We had a absolutely great time playing at Jimmy Jack's for Halloween weekend! Thanks to all the ghouls and goblins that came out to see us, and congratulations to Little Red Riding Hood for winning the costume contest! We are now hunkering down in the studio for the winter to work on recording our next album. Shows may be sparse for a while, but never fear - we'll be playing out more than ever next year, with a lot of new original material! In the mean time, be sure and visit the website often to check out the calendar, news, and newly posted live audio and video clips!

We had a soggy but fun time playing at the Issaquah Salmon Days Festival today. We got to play Astronomie Dominé without the power going out :-) A big thanks to Stickshift Annie for gracing us with her vocal talents on Gimme Shelter! The crowd was great and stuck it out even though it was pouring rain. Thanks to everybody that came out to see us!

We were back at the Pacific Rim Brewery last night and had a great time. Thanks to everyone who came to see us! We dusted off a few tunes we hadn't played out in nearly a decade like Green Is The Colour and Downtown, and Astronomie Dominé made its first appearance in our setlist! We also just posted some great live pictures taken by Greg McCorkle at a previous show. Just click on pictures and scroll down to 5/12/07.

Yesterday could quite possibly have been our most fun show yet! We had the honor and privilege of being a wedding present from Mark to his fiancé Deborah, who is a huge Grateful Dead fan. We played for her and a bunch of her Dead-Head friends from San Francisco and New York, in the beautiful mountainous setting of Whistler Village in BC, Canada. It marked our first international gig, and the first time the ritzy Pan Pacific Whistler Village Centre had ever had a band play in their lounge! A huge thanks to Mark and Deborah for having us be a part of their fantastic wedding celebration! Dire Wolf, Samson And Delilah, New Speedway Boogie, Shakedown Street, and Terrapin Station made their first appearances in our setlist!

We had a great time playing the Festival at Mt. Si yesterday. Thanks to everyone that came out to see us! Also thanks to David Harris and the whole crew from HTS Audio for providing a great sound system, and to Kenny for doing a wonderful job at the mixing board.

U2's song One made its first appearance in our setlist at Flights Pub last night.

We enjoyed playing at the Creekside Steakhouse for the past two nights! Thanks to everyone who checked us out, and danced, and thanks for all of the nice comments :-)
To Lay Me Down made its first appearance in our setlist.

We just posted four full songs from our recent show at Big Daddy's Place.
These recordings were taken from the mixing board so the sound quality is excellent!
To check 'em out go to our past shows page and scoll down to the 5/10/07 setlist.

Recently we went to the Arboretum in Seattle for our first professional group photo session, with the extremely talented photographer Puja Parakh.
To see some of the results just click on pictures!

We also just posted a ton of audio samples and full song videos from our recent shows at the Atomic Bowl Showroom! To check 'em out go to our past shows page and scoll down to the 4/28/07 and 4/27/07 setlists.

We had a blast playing outdoors at the Pacific Rim Brewery last night! Many thanks to the venue owners who couldn't have been kinder or more accommodating, and big thanks to everyone who came out to see us, especially all the hearty souls that braved the freezing wind that accompanied the entire show :-) We look forward to playing there a lot more!

We enjoyed playing at Big Daddy's Place in Woodinville last night. It's the first Eastside venue we've ever played, even though we've lived here for years! Thanks to Kenny for doing sound, and giving us a great recording of the show. We've got lots more gigs coming up, so be sure and check out our schedule for details, or the most recent
uVu Newsletter!

We had a great time playing out for the first time with our new drummer Scott on Friday and Saturday night at the Atomic Bowl Showroom in Richland. Thanks so much to all of the folks that came out to see us, especially Randal who drove all the way from Walla Walla! We are also very grateful to several local businesses that helped promote and support the shows, including Hippies, Da Kind Shop, R & P Records, Glass Hook, and Dreamweavers. And last but not least, thanks to Backstage Entertainment for booking us and providing nice accommodations. After All Is Said And Done, Promised Land, and Have A Cigar made their first appearances in our setlist.

In March '07, we auditioned new drummers, and found an absolute perfect match with Scott Jantzen. Scott's presence adds a whole new chemistry, and his style is already taking the live uVu sound to a whole new level! We can't wait to play out with him!

The tough decision was made to part ways with Conor Apperson as we were in need of a drummer from which we could demand more time. We really liked playing with Conor, and appreciate everything he contributed during his six month stay. We wish him well in all his future endeavors!

It was a lot of fun playing at Caffe Bella last night! Thanks so much to all of folks that stuck around after the performance by Thomas Starks to check us out! Thanks to everyone else that made it out to see us too. We played Goodnight, Irene! for the first time since 2003. You were a great audience - we love you! :-)

We had a great time playing at Finn MacCool's Irish Public House last night! Sarah and the rest of the staff were so friendly and very accommodating. We loved the people and the atmosphere of the place making this one of the most enjoyable shows we have ever played. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us! No new songs made an appearance in our setlist, but we played Vital Signs for the first time since 2003 :-) Here are a couple of pictures.

Check out the uVu Newsletter for February 2007!

We had an absolute blast playing for Lauren's 40th Birthday Party last night at the Royal India Restaurant in Juanita. The crowd was very responsive to the music and had a great time dancing the whole four hours. The food and beverages were also great. Thanks to Lauren for inviting us! You Can't Always Get Want You Want, Dear Prudence, and Wooden Ships made their first appearances in our setlist, and we played Saints Become Savages for the first time since 1998. Here are a few pictures.

We had a great time playing at the Blue Moon Tavern last night. Thanks to all of our friends, fans, and family that came to the show! A special thanks to both Laura and Kerry for sending us pictures!

We had a nice time playing at Mr. Spots Chai House this evening. The venue always has a soothing vibe. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us :-) Big Empty made its first appearance in our setlist, and we played Us And Them for the first time since 2003. Come see us next Friday at the Blue Moon Tavern! For details click on shows.

Check out the new uVu Newsletter for November 2006!

It was a crazy day but we had a lot of fun playing two shows yesterday for the Stadium High 100 Year Celebration in Tacoma. They broke the world's record for the largest high school reunion ever! The first show was on the Center Stage in the Stadium Bowl. We were honored to meet and be introduced by former long-time KJR Disc Jockey Pat 0'Day :-) A big thanks to Linda Anderson for inviting us, and to stage manager Rick Lockard for coordinating the event. The second show was on the Stadium Thriftway Street Stage. Thanks to Rick Adams from the band Rock n Roll Magic for inviting us. Other artists performing at the reunion included Dave Roberts, Chymes Of Freedom, The First Baptist Gospel Singers, Rock n Roll Magic, Cornucopia, The Galaxies, The Four Lads, Vicci Martinez, and Blood, Sweat & Tears. We've posted some pictures here.

We have some posted some new stuff in the live audio & video area!

Conor Apperson has come on board to fill the vacant drummer's throne!

We had a blast playing on the Microsoft campus today as part of the City Of Redmond Arts In The Parks series. Dog House Days made its first appearance in our setlist, and we played Down The Drain for the first time since 1998 :-) Thanks to everybody who came to the show, and for all of the nice comments. Also thanks to Jason for running sound, the folks at the Redmond Arts Commission for inviting us and setting everything up, and to our old friend Ric Bowen for filling in on drums and doing a great job as usual!

Richard Dadufalza, our drummer of nearly two years, has left the band so that he can devote more time to his family. It's a bummer for the band, but obviously a great thing for his partner and newborn child :-) We are very grateful to have had him in the band, and hope the opportunity arises in the future to play with him again. We wish he and his family all the best.

It was a great pleasure and an honor play at the first annual Josh Duckworth Memorial Bash, and to have been a part of such a wonderful tribe of people and talented artists gathered together to celebrate the life of another! We really appreciate all that hard work and effort Bill and Anita and everybody else went through to put all of it together. Thanks to all of the guys in the individual bands for being so patient, professional, and helping out as well, even if we were running late and having technical problems, but hey it wouldn’t be a show without those things right? :-)

We are very excited to announce that our new album "Shadow Of The Sun" is now available! We worked very hard on this over the last six months, and we think it's our best release yet! Just click on music to check it out!

Today marks another big change in the musical journey of the band.

Richard Schneider, who has been our lead guitar player for over 1.5 years, is moving to Missouri. We've really enjoyed having him in the band, and are glad that we were able to record two albums with him as well as have him with us for all the shows we played in the Summer of '05. We can't thank him enough for his contribution to the band, and we are really going to miss him. The good news is that he will have broadband Internet access at his new home in MO, and we plan to collaborate with him online, perhaps on our Ambient/Experimental Electronic side-project InfraRed Uforia.

But as the saying goes, "When a door shuts, a window opens". In this case, the window is our new lead guitar player Simon Conner! He has actually been with us now since December of '05, practicing with us and getting ready to take over upon Richard's departure. He's a great player, and we are excited to have him on board. It will be fun to hear how our music will evolve going forward, incorporating his unique styles into the mix. We are looking forward to playing out with him this year, and having him involved in our next recording projects. Welcome aboard, Simon!

We are still in the midst of recording our new album, but we have a new tune for you to check out in the meantime! This was recorded live in our studio on October 1st. It's just a jam that started with a bass riff, and blossomed into something special :-) It's received a lot of great comments and awards from reviewers on GarageBand.com. You can check out the new song called Divine Spark right here!

We had a great time playing for Don and Heidi's Halloween party, which was also a surprise birthday party for Heidi. Our drummer Rich couldn't make it, but Daniel, one of the guests of the party sat in on drums and did a great job! We've posted new pictures here.

We're excited to announce that we have started recording a new album! This one will be all original material, much of which has yet to be heard by the unsuspecting public :-) We'll keep you posted on the progress. We're video taping the recording process, so maybe the footage will end up on a DVD someday. You have been warned! ;-) We've posted more pictures of our 7/24/05 Seattle Peace Concert gig here.

We had a blast playing for Holly and Jayme's wedding yesterday down in Lakebay. The setting was beautiful, the weather held out for us, and the crowd couldn't have been nicer! Bob Dylan's Wedding Song made its first appearance in our setlist. We've posted new pictures here.

We've posted new higher resolution pictures of our 8/13/05 gig here.

We had a fantastic time playing for Christine and Jake's Wedding today down in Cannon Beach, Oregon. The weather was great and the crowd was very enthusiastic about the music! Thank you everybody for all of the wonderful compliments :-) More songs made their first appearance in our setlist including Shining Star, In My Life, Jack Straw, West LA Fadeaway, and I Want You/She's So Heavy. We've posted new pictures here.

We had a great time playing for Kent Becker and Dana Dewberry's 4th Anniversary Commitment Ceremony today. It was 90+ degrees out, but thankfully we had shade, and our gracious hosts kept us well supplied with beverages. The turnout was lower than expected, but that just meant more food and drink to go around :-) It was about the most organized event we've ever seen - Kent even built a custom stage for us! We've posted new pictures here, and there will be more to come. Two more songs made their first appearance in our setlist: Somebody To Love and Brown Eyed Girl. Thanks to Chris Sleight of Megasound Studio for referring us to Kent, and for a great job running sound. And thanks Jon Sleight of Author Unknown for doing a fantastic job filling in on bass!

We really enjoyed playing yesterday for the Washington State Ferries Picnic At The Pier. We played for six hours in the hot sun, so it was an endurance test, but well worth it! We've posted lots of new pictures here. More songs made their first appearance in our setlist, including Long Time Gone, Rattlesnake Lake, and Morning Dew. Thanks to Tara Decrow from WSF for inviting us play, and for being the most organized event organizer we have ever dealt with :-) Thanks to all the folks who signed up on our mailing list! We are going to start putting out a monthly newsletter to keep you all up-to-date on our activities.

We had a blast playing at the Seattle Peace Concert today in Magnuson Park. The weather was beautiful, the crowd was relaxed, and all of the bands were fantastic. More songs made their first appearance in our setlist, including Day Tripper, It Ain't Like That, and Head Out (On The Road). Don Glenn has been organizing these summer series concerts for 25 years. They are free to the public, but he counts on volunteers, sponsors, and donations to make them happen. There will be no 2006 Seattle Peace Concerts without your help, so please visit the website and show your support!

We have been playing musical timeslots with the other bands that are playing with us at the Seattle Peace Concert on July 24th. The latest word is that we will be playing from 3:30-4:30. We have been assured that there will be no further schedule changes. Sorry for the confusion. We hope to see you there!

We had a great time playing at the Mill Creek Central Market today! The weather held out for us, and the crowd was very warm and receptive. More songs made their first appearance in our setlist, including Childhood's End and The Other One. Thanks to Jim Huffman for inviting us to play today, as well as at a block party later this summer. We'll be back! We've posted lots of new pictures here.

Yesterday we were honored to play at the wedding of our good friends Perry & Peggy. The weather was beautiful, the ceremony was lovely, and everybody had a great time. Several more songs made their first appearance in our setlist, including They Love Each Other, Peggy-O, Don't Change, In Another Time, and I Know You Rider. Thanks to Perry & Peggy for inviting us, and to the attendees for all of the nice compliments on our music.

The show that we had scheduled for last night at the Stuff Cafe was canceled due to the venue being closed :-( Our sincere apologies to anyone that came to see us, only to find the place empty! Check out our shows page for details on more upcoming gigs.

It was an honor and a great pleasure to play for all of the bikers at the Downtown Harley-Davidson yesterday! A few more songs made their first appearance in our setlist, including Black Peter, Gorge, and Loser :-) A big thanks to the dealership for inviting us, and to the crowd for making us feel so welcome! Also a big thanks to Walter White for filling in on bass for us while Steven was out-of-town. We've posted lots of new pictures here!

We had a blast playing at Mr. Spots Chai House last night! It was fun to have a whole night to ourselves and be free to really jam out. A few songs were live debuts for us, including No Opinions, Sugaree and Dark Star :-) Thanks to everyone you who came out to see us, and for even helping us haul equipment! We've posted lots of new pictures here!

We really enjoyed playing for a crowd of over 100 folks at a Harmonic Humanity dinner last night. We'd like to thank the organizer Al for inviting us, and everyone there for making us feel so welcome!

We had a great time playing at Jimmy Z's last night. Thanks to all of you who came out to see us! We've posted a few new pictures here. More pics and new videos coming soon!

We've added several new dates to our schedule. Check out our shows page for details!

Here is the audio from a recent interview with Steve on Script School Radio. It is an MP3 file encoded at 64kbps/44kHz/mono and is 17.3 MB. The running time is 38 minutes. The entire 75 minute show is also available in their audio archives as show #231 in streaming media format.

We're pleased to announce two new features available on our website. We now have a forum where you can communicate with the band, and we now have an online store for all of your uVu merchandise needs!

TDavid of Script School Radio featured us today on their weekly radio webcast. Steve was interviewed by phone, and the song "On The Edge" was played and well received by the listeners. It was a lot of fun and we would like to thank TDavid for the exposure, and for his support of independent music!

We added a short bio, redesigned our awards pages, and updated the Uforic Productions section.

We are excited to announce the debut of an entirely new section of our website devoted to our side project InfraRed Uforia. This is a home for the ambient, electronic, and experimental music that Michael and Steve create together outside of the band. Come check it out!

We're on a newly released compilation CD called Planet Of Sound - Ear Candy. It includes many great independent musicians from all over the world. Check out our music page for details. Buy a copy and support independent artists!

Come see us live! Our schedule of summer fairs, festivals, and club dates is starting to take shape. Check out our shows page for details!

We are very excited to announce that we've completed our lastest recording project! Just click on music to check it out. This marks the first release of material featuring our newest members - Richard, Rich, and Steven.

We've posted some new pictures here. New music and lots of other goodies coming to the website soon!

We are extremely excited to announce that our year long search for a bassist is over, and we now have a full line-up! As with the other new members, we were looking for a perfect fit - and we found that with Steven Holmes! An extremely solid and versatile bassist, as well as a keyboard player, he provides the perfect foundation for us to launch into our sonic adventures!

We are thrilled to announce that we have found a new drummer! We searched for nearly a year, jammed with many extremely skilled drummers, but we held out for someone who would really spark something magical. Rich Dadufalza does just that! His style is a seamless fit for uVu. We're looking forward to a long and fruitful musical journey with both Rich and Richard!

Planet of Sound interview with Michael and Steve here.

We are very happy to announce that we have a new member! Richard Schneider will be filling in on bass for now, but will be ultimately be gracing us with his great guitar playing! He also sings, plays percussion, and the list goes on :-) His contributions are already taking the band to new horizons!

We had a lot of fun playing at a graduation party in Kent today! Thanks to drummer Michael Clune and bassist Walter White for gracing us with their awesome talents! Several new songs in our repertoire made their public debut at this show!

An article in Independent Music Reviews about "Event Horizon" here.

Previously unreleased tracks are now available here!

Buy "Event Horizon" and "unleashed" and we'll send you "escape velocity" and "waters under the bridge" for FREE!

Our debut album "unleashed" from 1998 is now available online!

Happy New Year everybody!

2004 year brings big changes for uVu. Our long time companions Marc Montagnino and Todd VanSelus are each moving on to pursue their own musical directions.

We have all become good friends, but alas we have different goals in music, and are allowing each other the freedom to pursue those individual goals.

Marc is currently active in two other bands, so you can catch him almost every weekend! Check out Marc's brand new hard rock cover band, Max Axle!

Todd also has no shortage of active bands and musical projects, so be sure and keep up with his activities! Check out Ian McFeron and the Band for some groovy folk rock, and California Highway Patrol for a big dose of funk! Todd also maintains a very amusing personal website here.

We cherish the time we have had playing with each of them, and wish them all the best in their musical journeys. It's quite likely we will still get together to jam, record, or play out again in the future :-)

We are currently auditioning musicians, and looking to expand the lineup with a percussionist and a second guitarist. So keep your eye out for developments, and we'll be gigging again before too long!

As always, we had a great time playing the Blue Moon Tavern last night. A big thanks to Ric Bowen and Perry Ryals for sitting in as our rhythm section! Thanks also to the great crowd, and for all of the nice feedback we received. Check out our live page to see where you can catch us next.

We had a lot of fun playing at the Ballard Firehouse last night. A huge thanks to all of our friends that came to see us! Check out our live page to see where you can catch us next.

We'll be playing at the Blue Moon Tavern on Saturday 11/22, along with Degrees and Johnson County. Check out our live page for more details!

We had a wonderful time playing at the "Bar" on Capitol Hill last night. Thanks to Maximum Coherence for inviting us, and to Paul & Linda for warming up the crowd! Check out our live page to see where you can catch us next.

We had a great time playing at Jimmy Z's last night. Thanks to all of you who came out to see us! Check out our live page to see where you can catch us next.

We'll be competing in a "Battle of the Bands" on Wednesday 11/19 at the Ballard Firehouse. Check out our live page for more details!

Our show with Maximum Coherence has now been rescheduled for Saturday 10/25 at the "Bar". Check out our live page for more details!

Sorry folks, but the 10/4 show has been canceled. Check out our live page for details on other upcoming shows!

We'll be the opening band on Thursday 10/23 at Jimmy Z's. Check out our live page for more details!

We'll be playing with Maximum Coherence on Saturday 10/4 at the "Bar". Check out our live page for more details!

We are very excited to announce the release of "Event Horizon"! This marks the first uVu album featuring Todd VanSelus on bass. Check out the all new audio downloads in our listening area!

We have added a whole new page dedicated to Uforic Productions, our production company that owns and operates Uforia Station recording studio, and provides live sound reinforcement and professional lighting.

We now have live video clips! Check 'em out in our live audio & video area!

We have lots of new live audio tracks in our "have a listen" area!

We now own our own domain name! You can now reach our website at www.uvuhome.com, and email us at uvu@uvuhome.com.

We had a great time playing at the Blue Moon Tavern on Saturday. Thanks to all of our friends for turning out, and to the crowd that received us so warmly. Despite getting a late start, and having to stop when the men's bathroom flooded the stage, fun was had by all :-)

We are excited to announce that we are gigging again! Join us and our smokin' new bass player for a Uforic experience.

We've almost completed recording all of the rhythm tracks for our next album, so it looks like we're on target for an April release!

We will be releasing three tracks on our website before the album comes out, so keep your eye on our "have a listen" area.

Added info about Todd's musical background and influences.

Updated website design and added several new pictures.

Added new pictures of Todd, the studio, and the lighting system.

We are excited to welcome Todd VanSelus as the newest member of uVu, filling the bass player position. His style could be just the thing to take the music to new uforic heights!

We thank Scott for all of his hard work over the past two months, and appreciate the great bass skills he brought to us over that time. We wish him success and happiness in his future musical journeys.

We had a great time playing at Tom's Variety Show last night. Our thanks go out to Woody Anderson for recommending us, to Tom Warren for having us, and to Roy for doing such a great job running sound!

Roy also video taped all of the bands, so you may be able to see some of our performance on a "Best of" episode of Woody's Northwest Music Scene cable TV show (on SCAN - channel 29/77) in September/October.

We are excited to announce the release of "waters under the bridge". This album contains the remaining studio recordings featuring Jim Kragh on bass. It also includes some live material, as well as previously unreleased outtakes from the "escape velocity" sessions.

Added some more pictures of the studio.

We will be playing at the Pierce County Fair as part of Tom's Variety Show, on Friday August 9th, from 7:30-8:30 PM. The fairgrounds are at Frontier Park, in Graham. Hope to see you there!

Our quest for a new bass player is over! We are happy to announce that we have asked the tremendously skilled Scott Syltebo to be the newest member of uVu. His agile playing will take the music to a whole new level!

We're going to be on cable TV! The show is called Northwest Music Scene and it airs Sunday, June 9th @ 8:30 PM on the Seattle Community Access Network (SCAN) - channel 29 or 77 in most areas. It will feature 30 minutes of us performing live in the SCAN studio, with by lots of psychedelic video effects :-) We do a couple of our old standbys, one new song (long!) and a Chili Peppers tune.

We've added a bunch of video captures from the show to our pictures area.

Sadly, it will be the only chance you'll ever have to see us playing with bassist Stephen Brueggerhoff. He's been with us since the first of the year, but has been lured back to his home state of Texas by a lucrative job offer. We really enjoyed the time we had together with him. We recorded a lot of live stuff together, so watch for a few live tracks to be released here in our "have a listen" area soon! Once again, we quest for a bass player as we continue to work on studio projects.

Happy New Year everybody! It is our pleasure to announce that we are bringing in the new year with a new bass player! After auditioning many fine musicians over the last few months, we found Stephen Brueggerhoff, a great guy who should prove to be a tasty addition to the group. After getting up to speed again, the band looks forward to once more turning their attention to gigging and recording. Keep your eye on this site for more info!

Why did we drop off the radar for so long? Well, the main reason is that we've been spending a lot of time putting together a recording studio, and finding the perfect house to accommodate it. We're happy to say that we found a great house in Sammamish last year, the studio is finally up and running, and we have been getting some new tracks laid down. Keep your eye on the "have a listen" area - we'll post new material as we work toward releasing our next CD.

After a long period of neglect, we finally updated our web site! In addition to the many song samples, there are now complete songs available for download! Also check out the previously unreleased tracks from the "escape velocity" sessions - a website exclusive! We are now offering our CDs at a very nice price. And lastly, there are a few new pictures for you to check out.

Jim has announced that he is leaving the uVu fold. In addition to bass, he plays guitar and keyboards too, and wants to pursue projects that provide more of an outlet for his varied talents. We will always be grateful for the 3 1/2 years he contributed his fine bass and guitar skills to the band. We wish him well in all his future endeavors.

We were invited back to play for the kids attending the Youth Leadership Foundation camp. Once again, we all had a blast! Paul, our friend and guitar player extraordinaire, joined forces with us again for this outing. Our friend Don came along to help with sound, and was kind enough to take a few pictures.

We played a benefit for a group of disabled high school kids, while they were attending a week long camp sponsored by the Youth Leadership Foundation of Washington state. The kids participate in all kinds of activities during the week, while staying at the Evergreen Community College campus. We had a blast, and the kids did too! A lot of the students hadn't experienced much live music, so it was a real treat for all. Our thanks to Marc and Tom Coyington for hooking us up with this event.

We're now on Radi01. A great site for information on all your favorite local bands. Check 'em out!